Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

  • To enable the voluntary sector to become an equal and effective partner in the design and delivery of local mental health services
  • To inspire confidence in mental health provision across the voluntary and statutory sectors
  • To build and develop the sector to meet new challenges and opportunities
  • To provide a virtual regional network encouraging joint and partnership working
  • To be the 'one stop shop' in the North of England for information relating to mental health services

Our Core Objectives:

  • To demonstrate and publicise the efficiency and effectiveness of the North East mental health voluntary sector to potential investors and partners in service delivery
  • To represent the voice of the mental health VCS in expressing opinions/concerns about mental health services in the North of England
  • To equip member organisations to respond to change and modernisation and to be an intermediary between mental health VCS member groups and commissioners
  • To demonstrate the effectiveness of the voluntary sector to other partners
  • To consult, engage and liaise between statutory and voluntary mental health services and to act as a direct point of contact with commissioners

Our Vision:

Our purpose is to facilitate voluntary sector organisations to work together to improve service delivery in the North of England mental health sector. MHNE strives to strengthen the role of the mental health voluntary sector on a regional basis through the promotion of best practice in mental health in partnership with service users and carers and through joint working and partnerships across the mental health community & VCS.

Our organisation is built around a core belief that a strong, vibrant, diverse, yet united voluntary and community sector is essential for the development of mental health services and for the improvement of the emotional health and wellbeing of this region.

MHNE works collectively with members to improve and protect mental health service provision. We pride ourselves on having an open minded approach to innovative approaches which will enable people suffering from mental distress to move quickly towards recovery.