Alcohol Education and Research Council – Small Grants Programme (UK)

Organisations such as community groups, universities and charities, etc  are able to apply to the Alcohol Education and Research Council under its Small Grants Programme. Funding of up to £5,000 is available for projects that increase the capacity of individuals and organisations to deal with alcohol issues. Funding is available both for research and pilot projects that address one or more of the Alcohol Education and Research Council’s  priority areas.  These are:

•    Identification, treatment and recovery.
•    Evaluating the impact of policy on cultural change.
•    The role of media communications in drinking culture
•    Education programmes
•    Broadening the understanding of research methods across the alcohol field.

The Alcohol Education and Research Council is very flexible in what is eligible for support and is looking for projects that are innovative and that make a difference.  Applications can be submitted at any time.   
In addition the Council also makes larger grants through its Flagship programme (Grants of up to £300,000; and its Research and Development programme (grants of up to £60,000). These are however currently closed to applications.  The Council also supports  promising new researchers in the alcohol field through an annual programme of studentships.