Storms don’t stop Muddy Boots’ prep for spring trainees

georgeganderWe’ve had a busy time in recent weeks with some necessary tasks including clearing tree branches blown down by Ciara and Dennis, not to mention whole trees! One large silver birch managed to take out two smaller trees with it, so necessary urgent action was needed to minimise further damage.

Those two have also managed some minor damage to the polytunnel and they’ve up-ended the Portaloo. No worries though, nothing major and we’ll get some much needed late winter exercise and fresh air putting things right. Projects have also included installation of a footpath stile and demolition of a small haybarn. This work will allow us to prepare the site for improved facilities.

The gander, Lonesome George is still enjoying his role as greeter to our guest. Unfortunately, apart from his neighbours, (the chickens, Mr & Mrs G) he hasn’t much company. We launched a search for someone to spend more time with him- “respectable middle aged male goose, G.S.O.H. would like to meet similar female goose to share country walks, corn and maybe more…”

He has had some interest from a lady goose who is currently based in the Durham Dales, so watch this space.