MHNE to be official charitable partner of North East ladies team

We are delighted to be approached this month by Will Robinson from Billingham Synthonia Ladies Football Club who got in touch to ask if we would like to be charitable partner to the team for the next two seasons.

Mental health awareness is growing in sport among fans and players alike - just because someone is physically fit doesn't mean they're not suffering in other ways. Players deal with many forms of pressure on and off the pitch and "everybody is aware of somebody who is struggling" be it an eating disorder, depression or self-harm.  The club would like to make a positive contribution to mental wellbeing throughout the community.

MHNE will keep you abreast of sporting developments at the team - Billingham Ladies "The Synners" are currently in the DCFA Womens League 1 if you would like to follow their progress with us.

We hope to hear an interview with someone from the club on the Mentally Sound Radio show at some point in the new year.