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The Mar Sin Leat team are looking to speak to Fathers who made the difficult decision not to take their child to their spouses funeral.

With Covid-19 we’ve come to know loneliness and loss at unprecedented levels. It reminded us of our human need for connection and of the importance of mental health. ‘Mar Sin Leat’ (farewell in Scottish Gaelic) is a short drama currently in development, about grief, reconciliation, and forgiveness.

It focuses on two characters: Fergus, part of an older generation of men taught to hide their emotions, and his daughter Skye, a transgender woman keen to be seen and heard for who she is.

When Skye arrives at her father’s farm to bury her beloved childhood pet Archie, father and daughter inadvertently re-enact what should have been her Mother’s funeral.

Skye hasn’t experienced loss since her mother died when she was just a child. At the time, Fergus believed not taking her to the funeral was the right thing to do but Skye always felt she was denied closure. Burying Archie together forces them to face their feelings.

The filmmakers believe that in today’s polarized world, it’s important we tell stories that promote compassion and empathy and that’s exactly what this short will do!



Mar Sin Leat’ partnered with charities Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland and At a Loss, who believe this short will help

instigate a shift in society’s attitude towards bereavement and mental health - topics that are still very much taboo, particularly amongst men.

‘At this stage of development, the filmmakers are looking to speak to widowed fathers who made the difficult decision of not taking their children to their spouse’s funeral, hoping to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be in their shoes. If this is your story, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For every conversation, the Mar Sin Leat team makes a small donation to one of their partner charities or to a charity of choice, on behalf of those who take the time to share their story with them.

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