Discovery Journal - A new self-harm management workbook for 10-17 year-olds

Battle Scars are a small, dedicated, 100% survivor-led and run charity offering local, regional, national as well as international support around self-harm.

  • Are you between 10 and 17 years old?
  • Do you do things that cause your body and mind harm (including not eating properly)?
  • Would you like to change all or some parts of this behaviour?
  • Would you like to find ways to manage self-harm and life without having to hurt yourself?

If you answered yes to these questions, you can request the Discovery Journal for free. It will be posted out to you in a discreet padded envelope with no mention of Battle Scars or self-harm. Please bear in mind they are only posted in batches every few weeks so be patient. You can order free and confidentially here:

The book must be ordered by the young person. If you're a carer or a professional, you need to show this page to the young person and let them decide whether they wish to order it or not - ​they must be ready to work on their self-harm, NEVER FORCE anyone to try.

The book is not a 'cure' or a sure way to stop self-harming but a way to build healthier tools that work for you to manage self-harm and put yourself on a better path.