Hidden Clause in Government Care Bill

The government's, much vaunted care bill, which it continually claims will greatly improve the care given to the most at risk service users, has neatly squirreled away towards the end a particularly invidious clause that could allow health secretary, Jeremy Hunt by the use of one of his 'Trust Special Administrators' (TSAs), to, with little or no consultation with anyone. Simply to restructure failing hospitals. The frightening paradox of this clause, of course is the threat that this power presents to the care of most vulnerable service users that are supposed to be at the heart of this bill
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Suicides in the United Kingdom, 2012 Registrations

The link below provides access to the latest bulletin from the Office of National Statistics which presents the latest suicide statistics for the UK, England (including figures for regions) and Wales. New figures are presented for 2012 with a back series of data covering 1981 to 2011 to allow comparison.. Click HERE to access

Mental Wellbeing, Openness and Crisis Care

An excellent article on this subject by Mary O'Hara (The Guardian, Tuesday 4 February) makes the claim that many people struggling with mental health issues go largely unnoticed and have little direct contact with service providers. Many feeling unable to talk about their problems due to the stigma often attached to mental health and making reference to Time to Change argues that by talking openly about these issues we can have a positive influence. Click HERE to read article

Media Must Be Held To Account for Their Portrayal of Sick and Disabled Benefit Claimants

Within this article the Author discusses the use by newspapers and television of inappropriate and derogatory language as a vehicle for confirming the myth that all disabled benefit claimants are work shy shirkers and scroungers. Story by Steven Preece posted on the Welfare Benefits News Service February 06 Click HERE to read the Article
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Inquiry Launched Into ATOS ‘Fit For Work’ Tests

The Work and Pensions Committee has announced that it will be carrying out an inquiry into the highly controversial sickness benefit tests, known as the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), carried out by private contractor Atos Healthcare on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Article by Steven Preece posted on the Welfare Benefit News Service February 06
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Mental wellbeing should be tackled before it leads to a need for crisis care

Many people living with worsening mental health are invisible, but we can help them by reaching out Within the UK's older population in particular, those finding it "very difficult to get by financially" are eight times more likely to report reduced mental wellbeing compared with those who are comfortably off. Story by Mary O'Hara in the Guardian Tuesday 4 February Click HERE to view article