MHNE Training at GMB Regional Equalities Conference

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Report from MHNE Volunteer Janice Docherty

On Wednesday 9th October, I attended the GMB Regional Equalities Conference with Neil and Lyn. I've managed MHNE information stall on a couple of occasions but this time was a bit different.

The conference was attended by GMB members from across the region, the GMB General Secretary Tim Roche and Regional Secretary Billy Coates. Tim spoke about his past Mental Health issues and the importance of talking about it.
Lyn and Neil had agreed to deliver a Mental Health training session and the stall was in the same room as the training which gave me an ideal position to both listen, learn and watch people’s reactions.

After a quick introduction was the quiz, not just a bit of fun but a way to judge your understanding of mental health and the wider implications of the conditions people live with. As the quiz progressed, it was fascinating to see that the majority of participants knew some of the answers, but others were received with shock! These answers created a lot of discussion. The rest of training was brilliant, an extra bonus for me volunteering this morning.

When the training was complete all three of us were inundated with questions from attendees, an indication how successful the training was—and no the pens didn't go first! Sign up for our bulletins was the highest of any event and the evaluation forms gave the session a resounding “excellent”.

It was encouraging to meet so many like-minded GMB members who recognise the importance of supporting peoples Mental Health in the work place and beyond.  I would recommend this training on Mental Health to any organisation.  A big thank you to all at the GMB for the invitation.