Death of a Charity

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the closure of Mobex, a long standing MHNE member. Since 1991 Mobex has been delivering services such as outdoor activity residential courses for young people. Having such a positive impact of such activities on young people suffering from diverse mental health issues, one group in particular which stands out in my memory, had members with mental health problems ranging from schizophrenia to anorexia, through to depression and bi polar disorder. After a weekend of such activities every one of these individuals had made a marked improvement in their mental health but they also seemed physically healthier and so full of hope for their futures.

Someone in the future will have to invent a new form of Mobex and probably at twice the cost. In the meantime MHNE celebrates the contribution this organisation has made to the health of many individuals in this region and condemns the short-sightedness of some of our so called leaders. Danny Gilchrist has written an excellent analysis "Death of a Charity" To see the full story Click on the link Death_of_a_Charity_-_updated.pdf