Help this Christmas is just a click away

Release date: 20 December 2013

A new mental health website has been launched in time to help North East residents who aren't looking forward to a happy Christmas.

Staff and volunteers at Mental Health North East (MHNE) worked around the clock to ensure the website was ready for the festive period.

Because whilst many people are looking forward to having time off work, for some the impact of Christmas is increased stress, family conflict, financial worries or alcohol misuse. For others it is loneliness and isolation from friends and family.

And MHNE statistics show that this year the problem is becoming worse, with the economic downturn perhaps also leading to Christmas money worries or extra tensions for many.

MHNE have seen a 236 per cent increase in the number of people viewing their suicide support webpages and a comparable increase in the number of calls from distressed local people.

In response, people in need will find a whole range of useful information on the MHNE website, including emergency response numbers, practical advice and a whole range of alternative activities including Christmas lunches, some of which are free.

This achievement has been made possible with financial support from Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg, who said: "I fully support the valuable work of Mental Health North East (MHNE) and this year have given funding for web developments and IT systems to help improve their online presence. I look forward to continuing that support in 2014."


Newspapers are welcome to reproduce any of the contact numbers or useful information listed on the MHNE website.

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