Consultation and Engagement

Please note: MHNE has now closed.

MHNE recognises the importance of working with patients, service users, carers and theVoluntary and Community Sector to engage with hard to reach individuals and groups in the community. MHNE works closely with local, regional and national service user and carer organisations and brings swift and efficient access to member organisations which provide:

  • Service user and carer engagement groups
  • A full range of commissioned and grant maintained mental health services
  • Emotional Health and Well Being expertise Support and expertise on ‘Personalisation agenda’
  • Public Health campaigning capacity e.g. Suicide prevention
  • Employment and learning Pathways
  • Psychological Therapies
  • Supported Housing
  • Mental health support in BME communities

MHNE provides the bridge to all of these organisations, individually and collectively; when working together it makes sense both economically and for the service user. Our members are at the forefront of the mental health agenda. If MHNE were not to exist it would severely diminish the statutory sector’s ability to consult, liaise or partner with Voluntary and Community Sector organisations at a time when these relationships are essential.