ConsortiaMHNE works closely with the Durham Health and Wellbeing Consortium in addition to other consortia in the North East region.

In May 2012 Mental Health North East began the work to develop a consortia framework in partnership to support the Voluntary and Community Sector and provide opportunities for collaborative working across County Durham. A series of meetings have taken place to progress the development and establishment of Durham Mental Health and Well Being Consortium. Mental Health North East was asked to lead on the Consortium as an infrastructure organisation and would therefore not directly compete for contracts.

Visits to successful consortia in other parts of the country have taken place and the Consortium continues to progress towards bidding for contracts. The Consortium has made its first business decision and is now researching european funding.

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VCS Consortia - working together in Partnership and Collaboration

The above half day event took place on 16th April '14 and was organised by Mental Health North East in partnership with BIG Assist. The target audience was infrastructure organisations and consortia in the North East of England to discuss how we can progress collaborative working in this region.

Topics/themes covered on the day were:

  • Consortia: what is working well and what isn't
  • Joint Bidding: advantages and disadvantages
  • Case studies on consortium and from BIG Assist
  • How to involve smaller organisations in consortia

VCS Consortia EventSpeakers included

• Dave Anderson MP (introduction and welcome)
Brendan Hill, CEO of Concern and member of NIC consortium
Peter Faill, Procurement Lead, Durham County Council
Neil Coulson, Nationally recognised expert on consortia
Julie Ward, Big Assist

(click to view each speaker's slides)