No wonder young men have a problem with self-esteem

Overstimulated by technology, warped by porn, lacking male role models, bombarded by perfect body images, it's no surprise that teenage boys struggle as much as girls when it comes to self-image

"At some point today, boys as young as 12 all over Britain will be pumping iron in gyms. They'll be doing it partly because their peers have convinced them that it's expected. Partly they'll be doing it because the gym is one of the few environments a young man in Britain can find unconditional acceptance and a sense of belonging. And they'll be doing it partly because state schools now run an average of just one hour-long PE lesson per week under Gove's academia-centric regime, so how else are they supposed to stay fit?"

Story by Natasha Devon in the Telegraph 02 Jun 2014 click HERE for full story