MindFull mentors (11-17 yrs) - providing online support (UK-wide)

Being a MindFull Mentor is a fantastic way to make a difference to people who need someone their own age to talk to, or share your skills as someone who's been around for a bit! It is also a great way to learn more about mental health and emotional wellbeing - both your own and in general - and to develop skills for life.


At the moment, you can only become a MindFull Mentor if you live in the UK and are older than 11.

MindFull Mentor (11-17 yrs)
You can get accredited training and graduate as a MindFull Mentor; helping other young people to tackle any problems they have with emotional wellbeing or mental health. As you're under 18, we will need to speak to your parent (or guardian) to get consent for you to attend.