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Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. One woman’s story of recovery

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imagesLO033QY5"When you have been so low that death seems like the best option, then you know you're in a dark place. This is where I found myself in 2001, aged 16, during my first bout of anorexia. When my eating disorder (ED) began in 1999 I knew, as I had been warned, that this would be like falling into a deep dark hole - the easiest thing to get into and the hardest thing to get out of. By the time I was 16 anorexia had full control over me, and my life became nothing but a monotonous calorie and weight fixation, each day just like the last, planned meticulously around every morsel I would allow myself at whatever particular time". 

Story by LOu click on the link to read full story Eating_Disorder_Not_Otherwise_Specified.docx