Durham County Wide Forum

MHNE is proud to support Durham County Wide Mental Health Service Users & Carers Forum (also known as the Countywide Forum or CWF).

The CWF meets on the FIRST MONDAY OF EACH MONTH (following Monday if bank holiday), 1.30-3.30pm at the Waddington Street Centre, 3 Waddington Street, Durham, DH1 4BG (close to Durham bus and rail stations).

Our regular meeting is a place where local service users and carers can meet to discuss positive and negative aspects of the help and treatment they and their loved ones are experiencing in a particular local area.

We also offer help and advice about: Benefits/Welfare, Stigma/Discrimination and Health (GP surgeries, secondary services etc.).

To be added to the mailing list and receive agendas to our meetings, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We can provide reasonable travel expenses to attend.

Members usually meet informally for half an hour before the meeting in the Waddington Street Centre cafe - why not drop in to meet some of the group?


About the Countywide Forum

CWF logo purpleSet up more than 10 years ago, the County Wide Forum is a non-political and independent group of service user and carer representatives. Currently the group has some help from the North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group by the way of administration support. There has been help from Durham County Council and other sources in the form of finances to keep the involvement of service users and carers in support of Mental Health services. Support with training has been provided by Mental Health North East.  We have regular attendance at meetings from Tees, Esk and Wear Valley Mental Health Foundation Trust (TEWV), the North East Clinical Commissioning Services and others. Group members attend meetings for Durham County Council (DCC), TEWV trust and others.

The County Wide forum has had input into changes to services such as the on-going review of Care Plans for service users and carers. The group funnels information about problems in services to the relevant organisations. However the CWF does not get involved in individual service problems. If an issue is a general problem then it can be forwarded. Part of the reason for this is to protect identities of service users and carers. Many people who attend the meetings have knowledge of the way Mental Health services are organised and will give informal advice to someone who asks.

CWF members also attend meetings where information is passed on to service users and carers to be circulated to other service users and groups. One past example is the Pharmacy Reference group where problems and issues with service user’s medicines were discussed. This group included service users and carers from many backgrounds.

The CWF is made up of a people from accross the County Durham and Darlington area, with a local group covering the Wear Valley area.