Volunteer Week 2021 - Thank you to all of our volunteers

Volunteer Week 2021 is 1-7th June, and this year as always it’s an opportunity to say thank you to our invaluable team.
MHNE have recruited some fantastic new and returning volunteers to make sure that our countryside venue, Muddy Boots, is ready for visitors at the end of June. In addition we have our fabulous online / admin volunteers and managers who help to keep MHNE afloat.

The volunteer gangs at Muddy Boots are:

  • Clean Up Squad - Jake,  Leo and Archie featured - Ages between 8 years and 12 years.
    “We do the important stuff around here - the other gangs couldn't work without us!”
  • Painting Gang - Mainly teens and early 20 year olds:
    “Our gang are the artists - just take a look at the Summerhouse.”
  • Engineers - The Inbetweeners: “Our job is to construct the new facilities at Muddy Boots”.
  • Gardeners - Over 80s who are filling the poly tunnel with a variety of new plants.

Steve says “It is the best night's sleep I ever get after a session in the poly tunnel” and Edna just can't wait for her next visit.

Whatever your age volunteering can be good for you while helping others at the same time. All our volunteers state that they feel fitter after a day in the countryside.