Cook Yourself Happier

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Catriona is the founder and creative force behind Cook Yourself Happier and got in touch to ask if she could tell us more about it.  

She started Cook Yourself Happier in 2016 using her experiences of food and cooking to help her manage her own Bipolar diagnosis.

She is a professional chef with over 20 years' experience in all catering environments from busy restaurants to a private chef for the rich and famous and has cooked in the UK and internationally.

Now she uses all of her expertise to help others through Cook Yourself Happier by crafting recipes which use ingredients proven to invoke a positive change in wellbeing and mental health. She also spreads the message about the link between food and mental health by writing articles which have been published by mental health charities and by organising cooking workshops around the UK to show that anyone, regardless of cooking experience can make delicious, healthy meals.

The content is primarily aimed at anyone in the UK or worldwide who suffers from any form of mental health issues at any time and who would like to improve their mental health via their diet. However, the content presented can and has been used by those without mental health conditions and anyone looking for healthy, nutritious food.

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