Government Call for evidence for new 10-year plan to improve mental health

The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a 12-week call for evidence seeking views on what can be improved within current services and build an understanding of the causes of mental ill-health. The public, those with lived experience of mental ill-health, and health and care professionals will have until 5 July to share views on how support and services should adapt for the future

The sooner someone receives support when they are struggling with their mental health, the more likely it is they will recover. The call for evidence seeks views on how the 10-year plan can complement and extend the work of the NHS Long Term Plan to better address how local services can work together, to prevent those at risk from falling into mental ill-health through earlier, targeted help.

The NHS plays an important role in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and supporting people with mental health conditions, and there are also a range of public, private and community services ideally placed to identify people who may be struggling that can offer support or signpost to NHS services. This may include education settings, housing associations, social care, youth centres, workplaces and job centres.

The questions in the call for evidence have been developed in partnership with stakeholders and people with lived experience of mental ill-health. More detail on each of the questions can be found in a discussion paper also published today alongside the call for evidence.