CYP Now: New scheme to improve mental health assessments for suspected offenders could be undermined by lack of local funding

The Department of Health is to fund nurses and health professionals in police stations and courts to assess the mental health needs of suspected offenders through a new £25m pilot in an effort to cut reoffending. The scheme will be piloted in 10 areas of the country, including Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

According to CYP Now, mental health and penal reform campaigners are concerned could be undermined by a lack of specialist local support.

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SpeakOut membership open for new applicants

SpeakOut is a national network of more than 80 marginalised and disadvantaged community groups. Created to support the Care Quality Commission, SpeakOut is currently seeking to recruit new members.

If you would be interested in becoming a member or would like to know more please contact Jane Golden, Involvement Officer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

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RCN consultation on use of physical restraint

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has been commissioned by the Department of Health to lead a consortium which will develop guidance for health professionals on reducing the need for restrictive practices in health and adult social care.

A consultation document has now been produced, and the RCN wishes to hear from health professionals, carers, and others with experience of restrictive practices in a health care setting.

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You can take part in the consultation here.

BBC Radio 4's 'All in the mind' 25th anniversary awards

All-in-the-MindHave you had mental health difficulties now or in the past? Is there a person, project or group that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to offer the support or advice that made a real difference to your life? If so, this is your chance to enter them for BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind 25th Anniversary' awards.

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Largest ever study of self-harm in prisons

Mental-ElfArtcile posted by Andrew Tomlin via The Mental Elf 16-12-13

The largest ever study of self-harm in prisons: prevalence, risk, clustering and subsequent suicide. New research published today in the Lancet shows that up to one in four women prisoners in England and Wales self-harm every year. The largest study of self-harm in prisons also reports that female prisoners are four times more likely to self-harm than male inmates.

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Thematic review of emergency mental health care - CQC

CQC-logoThe Care and Quality Commission will be carrying a themed inspection programme exploring the care and outcomes for people experiencing a mental health crisis and will be undertaking a review to look at three of the major pathways through which people will experience services during a mental health crisis. These have been defined as people who experience a mental health crisis and who:

1. Present to accident and emergency departments (with a particular focus on people who self-harm)
2. Require access to and support from specialist mental health services
3. Are detained under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act.

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Mental Health Dashboard published - Department of Health

The Department of Health has published the first annual mental health dashboard, which gathers the best information available to show progress against the objectives set out in the ‘No health without mental health’ strategy.

The dashboard provides a clear, concise picture of mental health outcomes. It includes information on:

  • Mental health services
  • The physical wellbeing of people with mental health problems
  • Experiences of stigma and discrimination

The dashboard is for reference and use by anyone working in the care and support system.

Download the Mental Health Dashboard report here

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