'Let's eat pies and talk about men's mental health'

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Men’s Pie Club is about local guys, making pies. Supported by Food Nation, a social enterprise based in Newcastle, MPC was developed in response to the need for increasing levels of social connections and feelings of belonging for men in the North East of England.

This year, McColl's Brewery, based in Bishop Auckland launched a new brew in a can: Black and White Pepper Bitter 'Let's eat pies and talk about men's mental health'.  Brewery co-owner Danny McColl's hopes to raise £2500 with £1 from every can of beer donated to MPC (you can also donate directly on MPC's website).

Jamie Sadler, who set up MPC said - "We’re so chuffed to be working with Danny and Gemma on this, it really is a great opportunity to raise funds, the profile of Men's Pie Club and our efforts to tackle issues associated with social isolation. We’re also very proud to be collaborating with McColl’s to make this happen, they completely understand what we are trying to achieve – and they make incredible beer!"

Read more here, including a recipe for the perfect chicken pie and how to buy Black Pepper Bitter online: https://mccollsbrewery.co.uk/blogs/news/lets-eat-pies-recipe-all-for-a-great-cause